Q: but sometimes the public can give you that image and it may not be one you necessarily want. Do you mind it?

Sade: Nah. I think people will always take you as they see it, not necessarily as you are. In every situation, whether you are a singer or you work in a shop meeting people, they take you for what they think you are so that’s inevitable[x]


Q: How do you handle your sex symbol status? I know several guys who want to marry you. 

Sade: What are their addresses?  I don’t think of that. When I perform I’m just expressing elements of myself, and I don’t really stop and think about that stuff. But I ain’t complainin’! It could be worse.




They wanna see me
wearing Polo drawers
Put 2 chains on
and that ain’t wrong
But that ain’t me,
I go too damn hard
I don’t need clothes
or jewelry to stand out


"no idea’s original, it’s nothing new under the sun, it’s never what you do but how it’s done…"

”..if you base your happiness around material, women & large paper, that means you inferior & not major…” - ab-soul.